Bringing Up The Horses

I went out the other day to help my wife bring the horses up from the pasture. I took a couple of pictures.



My wife Sara is leading the way and the horses are following. The dog you see here is Duke (Mini Aussie.)




In this picture, Sara is a ways ahead of us.

Directly in front of me here is our pony Brownie. We’ve had her for quite a few years. Right behind her is Gabby our Rottweiler and Duke.

Gabby is Sara’s dog, and right now she wants to go up to the front where Sara is, but she doesn’t want to get off the path, so she won’t go around Brownie.



Duke and Brownie.






Following behind us is my Border Collie, Zeva, and as you can see, behind her is the donkey.






This is the last picture. Donkey and Zeva.